Friday, April 2, 2010


there is a place where puppies sleep while angels sing sweet lullabies,
where souls can rest and hearts can keep the fondest of their memories

there is place where pain is dead and puppies run through golden fields
while some will rest their weary heads
my mitchy smiles through lips unsealed

there is a place where hope endures and happiness is all around
where purest light is sickness's sure
ican hear him bark, oh what precious sounds

there is a place this much i know where he still feels his owners embrace
his daddy's rough yet gentle face sister harley's smile that makes him glow
and from nicky a love that only brothers can show

with endless joy i'll wait for you home together
just once more no pain or tears just hugs and new found love
here at the Rainbow Bridge

By Kathy Lee (Zhera'srose)

Rest in peace Mitchy 12/30/10 you passed in peace in my arms with Nicky by your side

Rest in peace Zherasrose (Kathy Lee) 9/3/59-2/28/10 You weren't alone Harley was by your side and held you as you crossed the bridge.

We'll all meet again